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african frames


Overblog Is So Much Fun

Posted by African Frames

I'm having such a good time on this , i'm going to give myself a rose. How do I insert a picture from my flickr account? I can't remember the name of my flickr account. Does it precede or follow flickr.com? Unsure so i'll just upload a picture.

Maybe I should try Evernote and keep a list there. Is that even what Evernote does?

Did I spell "precede" correctly? Is it spell check or spellcheck? Where the spellcheck at?

Now a need more than one rose. I'm going to upload a bunch of roses.

Pink Roses with Yellow Hearts by african frames

Pink Roses with Yellow Hearts by african frames

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Sharing Post

Posted by African Frames

Maybe I should have read the fine print first but you have to upgrade my account to enable sharing.

Previewed the post and the following four badges are at the bottom of the post: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Repost. I really have to read the fine print but I'm sticking with it.

Where the spellcheck at?

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